Lake St. Louis Waterfront Homes

A waterfront home in Lake St. Louis is one of the most sought-after homes in all of St. Louis. Imagine waking up everyday to gorgeous views of the water right in your backyard.

There are 2 lakes in Lake St. Louis. Lake Saint Louis (the big lake) is 600 acres. Lake Sainte Louise (the small lake) is 70 acres.

Waterfront homes offer the absolute best of Lake St. Louis:

  • The best views of the lake
  • The ability to have a dock in your yard
  • Direct access to the water
  • A lifestyle that feels like vacation

The Big Lake vs. Little Lake

Homes on the big lake are different from homes on the small lake. Big lake, big homes, and a big splash of luxury. Homes on the big lake tend to sit on bigger lots, and sometimes have more elevation than the small lake. The big lake is a bit rowdier with a daytime speed limit of 40mph for boating. There are more social gatherings on the big lake where boaters will tie up their boats in one of the coves and have a party together.

Now, on the flip side, the little lake is like that cozy hideaway vacation home you’ve always dreamed of. It’s quieter, with slower boat speeds, making it perfect for fishing fanatics and those who crave tranquility. Smaller, cozier homes with flat shorelines are the name of the game here.

Waterfront Homes On The Big Lake

Lake St. Louis, the big lake, has a lot of well-known subdivisions with very desirable waterfront homes. Here are some of the things that make the big lake desirable:

  • Bigger homes on bigger lots
  • Homes that sit higher up overlooking the lake
  • Longer shorelines allowing for a bigger dock
  • 40 mph daytime speed limit for boating
  • 10 mph nighttime speed limit for boating

Waterfront Homes On The Small Lake

Lake Sainte Louise, the small lake, typically has smaller homes that are more level to the water. The small lake is a better option for the following:

  • More peace and quiet than the big lake
  • 10 mph day & nighttime speed limit for boating
  • Better for kayaking and paddle boarding
  • Better for fishing (license required)
  • Closer proximity to the CA clubhouse

Lake St. Louis Community Association & Amenities

Whether you live on the water or not, and whether you’re near the big lake or the small lake, you’ll enjoy the same amenities of Lake St. Louis as long as you live within the community association (CA) boundaries.

Living in the city of Lake St. Louis does not mean you live within the community association. Only homes within CA boundaries are eligible for lake rights and amenities.

Lake St. Louis Community Association Boudaries Map

LSLCA annual fees per family are following:

  • 2023: $600 per year
  • 2024: $600 per year
  • 2025: $650 per year
Lake St. Louis Community Association Clubhouse

Here are some of the main benefits and amenities of living in the CA:

  • Access to the clubhouse
  • Access to both lakes
  • Social clubs & events
  • Pools
  • Golf

The clubhouse is the social center of Lake St. Louis. It has pools, event space, lounge areas, and a fantastic restaurant and bar. It’s where everyone hangs out, meets friends, and enjoy the views looking over Lake Ste. Louise.

Buying a Waterfront Home in Lake St. Louis

Buying a waterfront home in LSL can be tricky. It’s not uncommon for many waterfront properties to sell off-market. You won’t find most of these hidden gems on Zillow or There’s a few reasons why this happens.

Lake St. Louis is well-connected

Everyone in Lake St. Louis knows each other. And demand to live on the water is higher than ever. Word travels quickly anytime a waterfront property becomes available, and often it’s possible to find buyers for a waterfront listing without blasting it on the internet. Our network of friends, clients, and fellow real estate agents has been a big part of hearing about exclusive off-market deals.

Demand has skyrocketed, supply unchanged

Almost all of the buildable waterfront lots in Lake St. Louis are already developed. The number of waterfront homes isn’t going up. The demand for these lakeside homes has increased dramatically since COVID, with more St. Louisans wanting a waterfront life without the drive to Lake of the Ozarks.

Amenities only waterfronts have

The biggest reason people want to live in Lake St. Louis, specifically in the CA, is to have access to the lakes. Waterfront homes have the ability to have a private dock in your backyard, as long as it doesn’t exceed 30% of your shoreline.

If you don’t have a waterfront lot, you’ll need to join the waitlist for a boat slip at one of the community association’s docks. And the things is… some people have been on the waitlist for years waiting for their turn to have a spot.

Waterfront Availability

If you’re looking to live on the water in Lake St. Louis, get in touch with us. We can share options we have available on-market as well as off-market.

Lake St. Louis Availability


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